14 Practical Tips For Increasing Mental Concentration

Wallace Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, talks about your mental senses. Start empowering yourself today by putting these mental senses to use.

It is always beneficial to improve vocabulary. You have ideas only when you have vocabulary. With a good vocabulary you can read without interruptions. If you are constantly stumbling over the meaning of words, you are losing out on the theme of your reading material. This slows you down considerably.

Have you ever played a tournament game with official rules such as chess clocks, time constraints, and high-level players? You can only play one of those games a day because it will exhaust your altération des facultés mentales. In fact, I have played in several tournaments and have felt more exhausted after 2-3 hours of chess than 2-3 hours of basketball. Now, will playing chess make you more physically fit? Indirectly, when you exercise your brain such as playing chess, you are tapping into your mental capacity and potential. Then, by exercising your physical body in addition to your brain, these are conducive to building you up as a person- the mental aspect and the physical aspect. You will need to continually challenge your physical and mental fitness to grow and become physically and mentally fit.

As you look within yourself, God brings to you the ideas and people you require to accomplish your desires. We have a wonderful world of power, possibility, and promise that is within us. Because within us is the mind, and the mind is the creative cause of all that transpires in the experience and our lives. We can learn to use our mind constructively, and we can learn to correctly use these hidden powers, forces, and impaired mental faculties (Please refer to the “Core Principles” section, principle number 2, the stick person).

That being said, a person can use hypnosis and persuasion techniques (both for good and for bad purposes) to cause another person to become more willing to do what they say and accept their suggestions. Ultimately, though, each person has the power to make his/her own decisions (even under hypnosis). A hypnotist cannot force anyone to do anything against his/her will (including go against their morals) unless already willing to do so in the first place.

Tyler: What should a person who wants to contribute to bringing about this new civilization do first (besides obviously reading “The Mental Environment”)?

An answer in terms of these tags often suffices to satisfy the questioner because we all of us carry with mental schemas, lists of default assumptions about persons bearing said tags. This is a practical necessity – we cannot know everyone in intimate detail. These assumptions are only defaults; each individual holds its individuality. He is unique.

By all means work on getting back your lost love as soon as possible. It is possible. It is not a healthy situation to be lonely, especially if you still love that person and can not let go.