4 Beginners Exercises For Men & Women Over 40

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Try cycling or fast cars, at your own pace, for about half an hour each day, to tone and strengthen your legs. Stretching exercises followed by a few lunges will tone and firm up the thighs.These exercises could be done before jogging or cycling. Using these exercises before cycling or running would mean that the whole leg would be toned.Always have a word with a qualified instructor at your local gym if you want to make sure that you are doing the exercises that are right for you.

Hydration is also very important before you start your ride. Water, water, water! Always drink plenty of water to hydrate you. There are many energy drinks that are designed to increase hydration but beware of the sugars that many of these drinks have. Read your labels before putting a ton of sugar in your body. Yes, the sugar will give you energy, but it will also pull you down just as fast. Avoid coffee and tea too. They contain caffeine which acts as a natural diuretic that will surely dehydrate you.

They see time as life’s currency and how it’s used as a choice. Choices shape your results and your life. You get the same twenty-four hours each day as your co-worker down the hall. But use differs. Practice the piano eight hours a day and you’ll be better than people who don’t. Practice and hone your workplace talents and the same applies. Or spend time getting ready to work, shooting the breeze, surfing the web, fiddling with email and you’ll complete the day having traded your time for minimal results.

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