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Once you have qualified to become a registered nurse, your next move is finding your first nursing job. The nursing industry is one of rapid growth fields that can provide you with a bright future. However, there are many different job positions and job functions in nursing careers, which one suit you the best? Preparation is the key to success when searching for your first RN position because you need to know what are the important considerations that you need to look into when searching for your first nursing job.

Home care aides have tough jobs. They are called upon to be psychologists while taking care of business, and at the same time, keeping their eyes wide open and being prepared for almost anything to happen. Family members and care managers should do their best to keep an open mind, and support home care workers when they make small mistakes.

What type of clinical nursing interests you the most? Do you interact best with medical and surgical patients? Do you have the confidence and strength necessary to deal with psychiatric patients? Perhaps you prefer working with outpatient visitors rather than those with long-term needs. There are also options that allow you to work with children, special needs patients, or the elderly either in nursing homes or through mpihomecare jobs.

If your caregiver is unlikely to read this, print it out and leave it where she is sure to find it. LOL. She will you know. I’ll even put a “Take Notice” title on his article to make certain that she does. She can always ignore the article, as she has likely been ignoring you, my disabled friend – if what I’ve said here rings home.

Most reviewers gave the Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp a 5 star rating and say it is an excellent product and good quality. Some of the positive comments include being easy to install, functional, and very effective. One user commented that they loved the freedom this unit provides and they will definitely be purchasing more. Out of 9 reviews, 7 would recommend this product to a friend. While most reviewers were satisfied, 2 customers were displeased with this product. Some of the issues were with the steepness and being unable to fit into the doorjambs of this particular individual’s home.

Most drug stores can get you a fairly basic BP monitor, that will run you anywhere from $30 to a really good one that can go as high as $70 or more. The American Diagnostic Corporation 760 Diagnostics Adult, Manual Blood Pressure Sphygmomanometer will run you about $63. It is a manual cuff that allows you to take your BP and read it on the numeric meter.

Please send on your feedback, and your experience with paid home care workers. If you would like to talk more about any aspects of hiring and working with home care aides, please let me know. Your feedback and requests will guide my next columns.