Blog Traffic – How To Attract Regular Traffic Flow To Your Blog

Looking into the pricing and blog strategy for myself when I started writing blog articles I realize there is a third small group that exist and it is so small that it is hard to be noticed easily.

Social bookmarking is one of these proven ideas for increasing traffic to your blog and thus improving your experience when it comes to free online blogging. Sign up a free account with sites like Diggs, Reddit, Stumpleupon and Delicious. These sites allow you to submit your content for free. Adding you page links on social bookmaking sites also boost your page ranking since these sites are ranked high on search engines.

But, blogging is not just set up for personal usage. Many of them follow different themes such as: sports, politics, philosophy, social commentary, etc. In this way, it turns into a medium in which people could share some of their knowledge and views on a assortment of topics and subjects. A lot of bloggers will use their blogs as a means to advertise and make money. Numerous authors promote their books on their blogs. And there are others, who will use them to make views on current issues, outcomes, news and disasters.

DO NOT place an Internet capable computer in the privacy of your child’s room. You’re asking for BIG trouble. Place the computer in a common area of your home like the living room. Your children won’t expect privacy in an area like that.

blogs aren’t just for moms and angry political pundits anymore! There are millions of get inspired on different subjects-including music. Make a list of 20-50 good music-related blogs and read them regularly. Then leave comments for the bloggers along with the link to your band’s website. This is a great way to build relationships online and you’ll generate all kinds of traffic to your site. Plus, you’ll have a chance to read up on the music scene and stay informed on something you love anyway.

Once your blog is completed and you have written your first post, you must remember to inform readers of such post. This can be done through pinging, a process whereby you get to alert your readers about the new post that you have written. Examples of sites that will help you to ping your blog include Pingoat, PingOMatic, BlogExplosion. Your posts will be viewed by many readers all over the world.

One more quick way to make money is to join a home business opportunity and add it to your blog. Use your blog to train new members of the opportunity your business is in and also use it as a recruiting tool. This is much faster than the old days when you would use the telephone or have to meet in person.