Cd Replication – An Investment For Your Business

When it comes to CD duplication, image is everything. I am not saying that your CD has to look like Universal Records distributed it, but there should be some level of professionalism used when designing the graphics. Most artists plan to duplicate their demos and give them away to the public free of charge. Artists that give free Cd’s away experience a loss of income in exchange for advertising their music, and therefore will try to spend as little as possible when manufacturing the discs.

The problem is, with the advent of MP3s and MP4s, and even sites like YouTube, many artists today think releasing a CD is not necessary anymore. Why spend money for blank CD RWs, CD cases and dvd duplication services, if you can settle for cheaper and easier-to-make MP3s?

It’s tangible. It’s the best proof you have of your talent. You can easily pass it around, and when people get a hold of it, it will be hard for them to forget you. Unlike, for example, if you meet a new group of people, and they’re interested in your music. Instead of telling them to check out your MySpace, you can just hand them copies of your album.

The dual DVD has a CD player that does not conform to the Red Book CD Specifications. This makes the layer 1.1 mm thick at least, causing some of the CD players reject it. Adding to this is spherical aberration that results in generating a blurry image of the data. Besides, contrary to the standard 74 minutes, only 60 minutes of audio can be stored into it.

> Make sure ALL your song names are in full. No abbreviations please! The mastering engineer needs full names to add as CD-TEXT (which some CD players use to show your band name and song name).

However, there are cases wherein CD duplication becomes a tedious process if it is not done by professionals. You must have experienced the number of times that writing CDs result to an error. When this happens, the CDs that you initially used will just end up in the waste basket. On the other hand, if the process is done by professionals, the quality is always good.

Include your copyright documents that prove everything on your CD is original by you. Some companies will not copy your disk without this information.

The last benefit in favour of using a CD duplication service is less error. If you have tried to duplicate a CD in the past, chances are high that you slipped up at least once, creating the need to start all over. If it was not you, then the program you were using to do it was not operating properly. A CD duplication company is made up of professionals; they will know how to handle various situations, including faulty programs and CDs. With less lengthy and costly errors for you do deal with, your CDs will be in perfect, working shape.