Five Keys To Success: Multi-Level Marketing Utilization

When clients approach your business they do so for a reason, they need help. What is the incentive for a client to call a company when they see an impersonal ad in the newspaper? Just the service. However, if they are in need of a service and stumble across an article that answers some of their key questions they have, written by an expert (YOU), they are more likely to trust your company because you have already given them some value up front.

Kings are huge underdogs– Everybody loves an underdog, especially Philly fans. One could argue that the Devils are underdogs in this series, but some experts had the Devils making a playoff run. Most pundits didn’t expect the Kings to beat the Vancouver Canucks in the opening round.

Everyone is jumping on the blog ging bandwagon. There are blogs for every conceivable thing; from politics to people’s hobbies and everything in-between. Many people make a nice living from their blog by just posting to their blog once or twice a week. However there is a caveat and that is many people really do not know how to get traffic to their creative ideas. The competition has become so fierce that it is vital for the success of your blog to drive traffic to your blog fast and effectively.

Wakeboarding can be a breath of fresh air for a workout because it’s a sport that takes you outdoors and out on the water. Feeling the wind blowing and the water rushing against your feet with the mist from the water blowing against you. Of course those are just some of the perks to using this as a workout. It gets to be a pretty refreshing experience.

Clean & Jerk – A few years back Olympic Lift-only training programs were all the rage. Then, they fell out of favor and on came the anti-Olympic lifting brigade. As usual, and over-reaction short term and an under-reaction long term.

(5) Free Traffic through Free Give Event. This event is to give away a useful product to entice your customers to buy from you. You can give away trial physical product, a video or audio product, ebook, etc. When the readers can receive free gifts, they will visit your website automatically.

Plan to spend 3-5 days working on each keyword or keyphrase. No one micro niche market will make you rich, or even pay the bills. But $100 per month for a keyword like this is VERY realistic, at it only took less than a week to set up. Set up 3 or 4 campaigns per month, and you’ve got $400 per month coming in from your micro niche marketing.

After 6 months (assuming you don’t get any faster at setting up these campaigns), you’ve turned your micro niche marketing into a $2400 per month business that runs almost by itself. Of course, by then you’ll have your own working templates (NOTE: Cascading Style Sheets RULE!) so the work will get easier and easier. And then you can go pro, and hire folks to do the work for you, so you can have the free time you’ve always wanted. Micro niche marketing really can be your path to that life. Take charge NOW and do it!