Free Marketing – 5 Ways To Market Your Business

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is just a couple of days away. For most companies, this is a slow period in the HR department. Few jobs are posted over the holidays, and for those that are listed, many staff members are out of the office and not checking out the new applicants.

2) For many sectors the initial scores we see are in the 15% range. They are terrible. They stink really, really bad. When our clients hear their employees’ recorded calls for the first time they are usually stunned by how poor they are. Most reps/salespeople/employees are only doing 15% of the things they should be doing on the phone. And, not surprisingly, their sales numbers on the phone reflect that.

Suggest a connection: There is usually a reason that they’ve caught your attention as someone you want in your network. Do you have a common connection? Have you seen them speak or read something they’ve written? Did you attend the same school or work at the same company in the past? Tell them about any connections you might already have.

Research your own networks.What groups do they belong to? Join all groups that you find interesting. Remember, you can only join 50 groups at a time so make good, relevant choices here. LinkedIn also has a ‘Groups You May Like’ listed under the ‘Groups’ header.

Kristina, I wanted to thank you and recommend your products for linkedin Profiles. I purchased them and followed your templates and my LionkedIn profile went from completely empty to completely professional. I have had testimonials, been published and still didn’t know how to use those tools to my advantage. Your tools gave me that. Since then I have had more connections, more recommendations, and more conversations with potential customers. Always remembering to use the call to action skills I learned from your templates.

With linkedin profiles the huge advancements in mobile technology and thousands of useful applications for your Smart Phone it’s easy to stay connect everywhere you go. If your marketing includes any sort of social media aspect, install those applications on your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone and continue to market and network with others from anywhere.

Times are tough, budgets are strapped (not one of those enlightening tidbits, I know). A small investment in social media strategy and education will facilitate the ongoing use of tools that are free. Your recurring cost can be limited to only time. It shocks me how many businesses still take out classifieds, TV ads, radio ads; advertising the majority of the population simply tunes out. Save excess funds, allocate a smaller portion to social media education, and then run with your new model on a budget while capturing more business! Not to discount those modalities completely, but track metrics to see what is truly bringing you ROI.

This really works! Two of those clients I mentioned above got great jobs directly as a result of doing this LinkedIn profile update. So give it a try.

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