Gold Coins – Why Is Everyone Buying Gold?

If you have a safe deposit box at the bank, you may feel you don’t need a home safe. But what if you need access to jewelry, gold or a document such as your birth certificate when the bank is closed?

APPRAISE YOUR HOME. Ask a professional appraiser to determine the current value of your home and photocopy the appraisal. Put one copy in your Safe deposit box for sale and give the other to a trusted relative.

I bet most of you are thinking, “The best place is the safety deposit box!” It does have its pros and cons. Safe deposit boxes are just that: a box in a safe in which you deposit important items. Of course, most small town banks don’t run a big risk of expert bank robbers looting the vault. In that sense, these boxes are secure.

For these reasons and many others, a residential safe can be vital for keeping your jewelry, gold and documents where you need them, even at a moment’s notice. There are also financial documents such as your latest tax statements, retirement plans and home purchase records which can be desirable to have nearby.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that securing the safe to a solid table or steel chair will provide protection. An experienced thief will simply take the chair and safe or use professional tools to cut through any chains.

Consider identity theft to be a key element in your home security plan. Everyone knows the importance of keeping jewels and cash in a safe, but what about paperwork? Often, paperwork can lead to more value for a criminal than stolen jewels or artwork, if they are registered and traceable. Pick up all the bank statements and credit card bills, get your car registration info and social security card and lock them up. Even with an alarm system, a criminal can run in and run out quickly with a few papers — they’re not heavy and don’t arouse suspicion..

Get a credit report every year. It is a good idea to keep tabs on your credit profile. Compare the accounts that are on the credit history to the cards that are in your wallet. If there is something on your credit report that you do not recognize, contact the company immediately. While it is possible to have a card that you forgot about, you want to ensure that someone didn’t open a credit card in your name.