Halitosis Remedy – Some Useful Tips To Cure Bad Breath

Before going into how to cure diabetes naturally, let’s take a look at what diabetes is all about in case you are yet to know. Today the cases of diabetes are much higher as compare to the past. Diabetes mellitus as a disease is a dietetic disorder, characterized by an abnormally high level of blood glucose and the excretion of the overload glucose in the urine.

Apple cider vinegar has often been labeled the king of remedies and it also works for diabetes. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with numerous essential vitamins and minerals which help regulate blood sugar. Before every large meal you should mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink up.

Cinnamon is one of the oldest remedies known to man. Only lately has it been found to be a very effective Halki Diabetes Remedy for controlling blood glucose levels naturally. The recommended dosage for cinnamon is 1 teaspoon every day. Supplementing in drinks and cereal are a great options.

> Bitter gourd is the best remedy to fight against diabetes. Consume this vegetable three times in a week or early morning drink the juice of bitter gourd. Sip this juice empty stomach thus; it will lessen the level of sugar in your blood stream.

Protein is essential for repairing cell membranes. Cell membranes are the outer layer of the cells which are also responsible for accepting insulin or not. Protein should be part of every diabetic’s diet. You should look to supplement nuts, legumes, seafood and lean meats.

Of course, be sure to discuss anything with your doctor. Do NOT stop taking medication if you are currently on any for diabetes. Even when you see improvement, talk to your doctor before making a decision like that.

Breathing and meditation are very effective at lowering your numbers. Try it sometime if you don’t believe me. Just find a quiet spot, stretch, test your blood, and relax. Not vegging out on the couch, because we all know that does not lower anything except your motivation. Actually breathe deeply and picture your numbers going down in your mind to where you want them to be. Try this for about 20 minutes or so without getting distracted. I have dropped ten points (no medication) just by this technique. After your session, test again and see where you are. This costs nothing and is good for your mental health as well.