How To Live A Fulfilled Life

If you find yourself wanting to achieve some goal but you cannot be motivated long enough to achieve it, personal development motivation article is for you. It does not matter if you want to start a new habit, develop a skill or change your character. All of this requires strong personal development motivation.

It is wrong to cut and paste another person’s website, but people use software to measure the keywords in another website and look at how many keywords are in the document out of how many other words are and they emulate it. This allows them when they get the same amount of back links to get very high All new content on a search engine.

Try to develop a habit of taking action every day towards your goal. This will increase your personal development motivation because you will be proud of yourself by being so pro-active. This, of course, will also gradually lead to the accomplishment of the goal.

Yet along comes an ugly guy and the one thing that he can be very confident of is that his friends love him for who he is and not what he looks like. No one hangs around an ugly guy with no money and no drugs because of fringe benefits. So if you meet an ugly guy that has heaps of friends you have met one guy that has met this hypocritical and shallow educated world we live in head on and triumphed.

By this time, I had my life planned out. Stay in Law Enforcement and the National Guard and retire from both. Well, I lost both of those opportunities. I also had lost my faith in God also. I abandoned God as my Father had abandoned me. It was not as dramatic as my Father leaving, but it was a gradual change in my faith. In 2002, I was a healthy 36 year old man that ran 10 miles a day. That was then and since that year, I have had twelve surgeries, months of agonizing pain and rehabilitation. I also am a skeleton of that man. My confidence was gone, my health was fair at best, I went into a deep dark Depression, and at a couple points suicidal.

My life was in total disarray, I ended up filing for bankruptcy because I tried to help a friend and cosigned a loan which he left me hanging with. So you can imagine that my life was failing as fast as the sun going down at sunset. I thought of God on occasion, but never reached out to him. If things were not bad enough, in January 2007 all this mess had taken it’s toll on my loving life of 23 years. She had been diagnosed as being bipolar the previous spring. So in January, I got a voice mail from her, she left a frantic message that she was thinking about suicide and she was going to see her doctor. You can imagine my state of mind at hearing that.

The viral nature of the Web means that anyone can get lucky. Does it happen to most of us? Of course not. But, it still can happen. YouTube is another extension of writing, letting the video present itself to your potential audience. That’s another addiction of mine. I love writing songs, recording them in my small hovel of an office no-frills-style, just an unplugged acoustic guitar and my latest “hit” single. I won’t bore you with any more details now. I’ll save that for another article later on down the road.

Father bless this person and speak to them. When they turn on the radio, let there be songs that say you love them. When they read books, speak through the books. When they go to church speak to them through the pastors sermon. Father in the still small voice, speak to these people and comfort them and open doors for them as they ask you to do so. In Jesus name I ask all these things.