Keep Your Strength Workout Fresh And Effective!

Take a moment to picture yourself jogging on the sand, everyone gazing enviously at your rippling abs. Truth be told, with the right abdominal workout, you can manifest that picture and truly enjoy the benefits of having well defined abdominal muscles, not to mention a stunning physique.

It’s not enough or effective when you just start exercising without any direction, plan or goal. You will not only be exposing yourself to injuries but you will also hinder yourself from performing the proper golf swing when you play on the course. You should first and foremost have a schedule; a direction and a desired effect. It’s advisable to have a progress chart to help you check if you’re achieving the desired results.

There are several ways you can set up your interval cardio Stay strong and positive plan. I will use a treadmill workout for an example since a treadmill has a timer and is very versatile. Always take about 5 minutes to warm up first.

Crunches can be done 1 or 2 ways. Avoid doing standard floor crunches which can strain the low back. Plus it will tempt you to put pillows or cushions under you which will compromise your results. Standing crunches are more effective and are less likely to cause injury. The standing opposite elbow to knee, starts by standing with one arm over your head and as you bring it down across your body, you raise your opposite knee until your elbow and knee touch (or as close as you can get). Then do the opposite side. The other option is the standing oblique twist where you stand feet shoulder width apart. Hold a weighted object in front of you with both hands such as a gallon jug of water. Keep your hips in place while you move your arms to the left then back to center, then to the right.

As with any workout plan to build muscle, a body building diet is essential. Be sure to plan your diet to include extra calories for energy and to add muscle mass. Include protein and amino acids in your diet because these are the building blocks of the muscle tissue, and carbs for energy and they help the proteins do their job. Consider a protein or creatine supplement with your diet plan. Protein shakes are a great way to finish a good workout because the muscles actually bulk up during their resting periods and a boost of protein will help this along.

TIP: Three words to live by MIX IT UP. If your gym workout plan consists of the same exercises, number of sets and reps each time you workout you will eventually hit a plateau. After a period of time you can’t expect to get different results by doing the same old thing. By constantly mixing up your gym workout plan not only do you avoid boredom but your body, especially your muscles, never knows what to expect.

Okay this part might seem a little complicated but it’s important. If you don’t follow a cycle you’ll probably hit a plateau and stop improving so learn it well.

Exercises become must after the pregnancy. But some people do not have an idea that exercises are as important during the pregnancy as after that. However the aim of exercise at both times is different. The exercise after the pregnancy is done to lose and get back to the weight as before the pregnancy. But exercises during this pregnancy period are done to keep your body healthy and to make your pregnancy easier. Do not forget to consult your doctor before going for the workouts during the pregnancy.