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When it comes to vintage bicycle posters and bicycle prints, I am a huge fan and collector of these items. As an active cyclist fanatic, I enjoy collecting the pieces of art of the sport that I now enjoy most. I have many of this artwork hanging in my home and office. When I first got started in my collection, I paid premium prices for these beauties. I am going to give you the 3 main tips on getting a great deal on these collectibles.

The general idea behind indoor cycling classes is to motivate you to work harder than you would peddling a bike on your own. The classes are led by a trained instructor and set to music, which is typically lively, energetic, and fun.

What makes this more interesting is that you really not know what is going to happen next because you are against real people. Warcraft is also a survival game and it also can be played on many levels. In this game you also need to help each other or co-operate with each other. This will make your relationship much better with your online friends.

Think about taking a class – whether at your local college or your local fitness center, think about taking a class that will keep your mind and body challenged. Maybe you’d like to take up yoga, or meditation. Maybe you saw a stepping class advertised in the paper you glanced at this morning. If you’re interested, try it out.

And don’t forget to exercise… spare time, jogging, going to the gym – these things release endorphins that reduce stress and take your mind off not seeing your ex. Your body will be fit, toned, and if you live someplace sunny – tan as well. Working on yourself makes you look good, but even better, you’ll feel good too. Believe it or not, confidence and inner strength are just as attractive to men as the stuff they see on the outside.

Thanks to the technology developed by Wii, people can now incorporate physical activity with gaming. There are now games with simulated exercises that are fun and easy to do. It’s far more enjoyable than going to the gym.

Hydration is also very important before you start your ride. Water, water, water! Always drink plenty of water to hydrate you. There are many energy drinks that are designed to increase hydration but beware of the sugars that many of these drinks have. Read your labels before putting a ton of sugar in your body. Yes, the sugar will give you energy, but it will also pull you down just as fast. Avoid coffee and tea too. They contain caffeine which acts as a natural diuretic that will surely dehydrate you.

One of the biggest names in cycling got his start as runner up at the 1985 USAT IronKids championship – Lance Armstrong. Who knows where your kids will go.