Making Money Online By Writing

Blogging is an activity which most people either enjoy or they are indifferent to it. If you are amongst those who enjoy writing and sharing your opinions… having a blog of your own can be a fun way to spend time online.

If you haven’t started your blog yet… what are you waiting for? You can do it for free! WordPress and Blogger are the most used BLOG platforms, but there are others that you can choose from as well.

Privacy and social networking as private as most people do not think it should be done first. Privacy protection is the fact that most of the dead is a social networking site, is not that they were using to privacy when they start using their sword and fight to keep it. The fact that one can not have more social privacy, they just have to protect their privacy has already been chosen for them.

When you actually buy this One Day Swing Trades program, another gift comes your way. You are given access to the company’s personal Exciting new project site, where about 9 experts give you inputs about new ideas, trade setups and other financial advices.

Now, what does this mean to you? It means that you will only be talking to people that are interested in what you’re offering. People that aren’t interested will not bother to pick up the phone to call you or they will ‘unsubscribe’ from your list. This is how you significantly decrease rejection while sponsoring more people into your business. Imagine taking phone calls from people a day that you didn’t have to pitch anything to and just had a few questions to ask you before personal blog they sign up.

There is a darker side to all of this, however. The applications that run on some of the major social networks are allowed to capture information about their users. Whatever is in their profile is fair game. Which means, a 3rd party company could capture a name, their job, their date of birth, who they are married to, and who their kids are all in one fell swoop. Who knows what else they could capture, if it is on the social profile then it is fair game. This could even be their home address if a user is not careful.

Never forget that your content should speak “with” and not “to” your target audience. You should always, always remember this. Make sure that you won’t alienate your readers from the information you are providing. Work towards involving them in your articles. Give them some encouragement in voicing out their thoughts by making sure your comments section is open to the public.

Once you have your host chosen you need to plan the design and structure of the blog. You need to create a style that meets the needs of your potential customers. You need to develop a credible tone for the site and should be updated regularly. If for business, keep it business like as it is the front door to your business reputation.