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Welcome to Boulder! As your new Boulder Examiner, I look forward to talking about Boulder events, happenings and issues. And I think I have a unique perspective to offer. My Dad and sister have both lived in Boulder county for years, but, although I’ve lived all around the state and have worked in Boulder County, this is my first time living here. So I’m a bit of a newbie and an old hand all at the same time.

Texas a Celebration of Food space documentaries Music and Wine This celebration will focus on the musical cuisine and winemaking from the various regions around the state. If you love country music and great Texas Style cooking, you will absolutely love this portion of the Festival!

NASA – Fifty Years and Beyond – This will showcase the significant role men and women have played in the exploration of space and the accomplishments they have produced. The participant will also get some insight into future plans NASA is pursuing as well.

THE WOLFMAN ($62 million) – This film was plagued with all types of problems from the moment it was announced to be in production to its final release and although it had a healthy opening weekend subsequent weeks proved that there was little audience for this overblown remake. It was all action and no heart. Now that the film is being released in a longer version on DVD there is hope that audiences will finally be able to see the film in a more complete form.

TP: I was very resistant when I was doing space telescopes documentary as to me so many movies were being made in the editing room and this is not how I think a film should be made. Michael Mann has done some amazing stuff with HD using low light and night shooting is great. However the material and budget you are working with has a lot to do with this.

The Museum of Science and Industry will host the evening gala, which is black tie optional. It’s located on 5700 South Lakeshore Drive. Cocktails, hor d’oeuvres, and a silent auction take place at 6:30pm. Dinner, a live auction, and all the festivities, including an after-party start at 8:00pm. For information and tickets, call Cinema/Chicago at 312-683-0121 or go here.

The best part of this film is that it is real. Weight loss surgery is tough and the road is bumpy and twisted and challenging. It’s tough being fat and it’s tough losing weight. Not just for the comedienne on stage – but for every person brave enough to “take the easy way out.” A definite must-see film for the LivingAfterWLS audience and the people they love.

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