Melody Writing – How To Craft Hit Melodies

When we begin to bring our natural creativity into our business, the idea of being inspired always comes up, but what is inspiration? Many people have an idea that it is this mysterious thing that you must wait for and that only a select few can have. This is not the case at all. We can and should be responsible for our own inspiration. It comes from us and we can control it.

Now you’re all fired up with enough motivation to conquer the world – and your energy levels are through the roof! You leap out of bed in the morning and head to the gym. Workout finished you shower and head to the office, spending your day making every big deal your competitors can’t. You’re moving and grooving, rocking down the house and demolishing the obstacles that stray into your path. You head home and leave your spouse tired, sore and sporting a silly grin that just won’t go away. Life is FANTASTIC and can only get better…

Identify and write down the number one MOTIVATING reason why you want to get in shape. Why am I emphasizing “motivating”? Well, this is because most people want to get in shape for the obvious reasons (lose weight, burn fat, improve health, etc.). Although those reasons can be motivating, and they of course are very important, most of us need that extra “push” to make us want to stick to something.

Make sure that you look to make friends with other photographers. You can do this by joining a photographic club in your area. Here you’ll see the work of others and also be able to submit your own work. We feed off each other’s energy and play with me is a natural by product.

We are all motivated to achieve things. We are all pushed to achieve what is outside us. The survival instinct inside us makes us want food. We want to have safe neighborhoods where we can hopefully raise our children. We want the respect of others. We want money. That is why most of us work. Higher ideals do not motivate most of us. That is why when people start discussing issues such as global warming, very few people care. Many people care when you talk about jobs and money. Because that is what immediately motivates us.

Great athletes, business leaders and top salespeople often seek out others to help them achieve their objectives. Seeking advice from a sales manager and another salesperson could help you gain the critical insight you need for your ongoing improvement. Ask for sales tips from others. Read sales books and listen to audio programs. Do whatever it takes to learn and improve. We all need training partners in our efforts to achieve. Find one today.

However, don’t let your problems stop or hold you back. At the same time, don’t sweep your problems under the carpet. The key is to solve them without losing sight of your goals. Hence, the tools today will be great to help you smoothen the journey.