Net Framework Error Repair – How To Fix Microsoft Office Error 1935 Easily

The 1935 error is a very common error which typically shows when you try and install Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 on your system. It basically means that your system cannot install the Office program(s) onto your system as they either have a problem, or are damaged. The main cause of this problem is actually due to the .NET framework of your PC being incompatible with the Office program, meaning that if you want to repair this error, you should look at fixing the .NET installation on your PC.

Bookmark Text: Grab your Select Text tool from the Acrobat toolbar (View Illustration 01). Click and drag across the text you want to bookmark. This will highlight the specific text you’re going for – headlines are usually the target. With your text highlighted, click the “New Bookmark” icon. This automatically creates a bookmark viewing the microsoft office setup page exactly as you see it. The bookmark is added to the Bookmark Navigation Tab, and the text is highlighted so that you can edit it if you want. When you’re happy with what it reads, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard to set it.

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All you need to do is to determine the present RAM capacity of your system and boost the virtual memory by using virtual memory setting. If the problem persist, you need to add more RAM to your PC. If you are using Windows Vista, add at least 512MB of RAM but if the window is meant for game, 1GB or more of RAM should be added. For Windows XP, add at least 256MB of RAM, Windows 7 needs minimum of 1GB to be effective. The greater the RAM you added, the better its performance of your PC. If you can not fix the RAM yourself, employ the services of expert.

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