Photography Tips – Nothing To Photograph? Visit Public And Historical Places!

Times are bleak. I agree. More people are out of jobs. A few are struggling. Many can only manage to get by. A handful is growing richer every day. We live in the same country. Some of us are from the same area. But the results of our lives are quite different. While other complains; others are laughing all the way to banks. While others are falling into spiraling debt; others have their bank accounts filled to the brink. It is almost like shooting several arrows at the same time; they all go in different direction. They all have a special kind of force that is unique to them.

But if you find it all to easy to give up, if you don’t think you have the internal strength to keep trying or you can’t find the right person to model, find a mentor. An effective mentor will analyze where you are, help you discover the steps to your dream lifestyle, and keep you accountable to completing each step along the way. Knowing you have that support and knowing you’ll have to report about your progress regularly will add to whatever motivation you already have and get you to the top – your dream lifestyle.

Sitting around and waiting for inspiration to hit is a no win situation. The crazy thing about inspiration is that it takes it’s own sweet time to appear, and by waiting, it often takes longer than you’d like. Sort of the old “a watched pot never boils”. By waiting for inspiration, you often halt the process. It’s best to find a new creative project because that new project could easily provide the inspiration you’re waiting for.

My story idea, conjured up by my imagination, may be inspired by an old familiar love song, a moonlit night, the softness of a baby’s face, a secluded stream trickling through a wooded vale, an individual whom I admire, or even one whom I do not admire. inspiration can fan the flames and fuel my imagination, but inspiration will only take me so far. I want to cherish follow magazines, but not bank on it. I will bank on a healthy imagination every time.

One way to maintain inspiration is through the use of affirmations. Another way is by keeping pictures of what you want constantly before your eyes. And yet another is through the use of goal cards.

The more compelling the reason, the more it aligns with what is important to you, the more you will be ‘pulled’ towards it. You need to imagine and have a vivid picture in your mind (as well of external representations such as a vision board) of what this destination looks like. If you have no idea what your goal or your destination looks like and how you will feel when you get there, then why would you want to go there in the first place? You generally can’t be motivated for motivation sake. You need a compelling reason and a clear purpose; somewhere to direct your attention and focus your energy.

Wedding Expos. Take a trip to your local wedding expo. Explore the different vendors and get an idea of which vendors you feel most connected to and would like to use. Make sure to talk to everyone – get an idea for their style and personalities and don’t forget to grab a bunch of brochures and business cards for later. Once you have your inspiration book & have gathered a few ideas of what you want your perfect day to be like, spend some time looking at your local vendors websites and make a few appointments.

Imagination is the essential ingredient. Maintain your imagination, feed it often, exercise it daily, and it will serve you well. When you do, inspiration will take its proper place and do exactly what it is designed to do – feed the fire.