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The first step that you’ll need to take with him is get out of ‘just-friends’ mode. If the two of you usually only hang out when you have specific plans, try spending some less structured time with him. Take a long walk to nowhere in particular so that the two of you can have a deeper conversation that time spent at a baseball game or a movie entails. Be there for him when he is down and listen to him when he is stressed out over a problem and needs some advice. If you are also there for the tougher times your friend will begin to see you as something infinitely more.

Place a framed picture of you and your beloved on the center of the table/dresser. A black and white photograph would be the ideal, though a color photo will do fine. You can obtain affordable, quality frames and picture matting from A.C. Moore, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target. If you have the time, funds, and desire, you may want to comb your local antique shops for a unique looking Victorian style frame. They just do not make them like they used to and this kind of rare find will add to the romantic charm of the space.

Seashells are another tasteful, inexpensive choice for wedding favors with a beach theme. Hobby shops, craft shops and party supply stores carry unbroken shells. You want shells which are all roughly the same size. While you are still in the store, also pick up some inexpensive fishing net material. Cut the fishing net into small squares and place a few seashells in the middle of each one. Pull each square’s corners together and then tie up the corners with a piece of pink, blue or coral colored silk ribbon to create attractive favors. Your wedding guests will cherish them.

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Shopping is also a good activity in Bang Rak. At the easternmost end of the area is a shopping complex which stores sell really cheap items. Tourists will surely find the place an ideal spot to buy souvenirs and stuffs to remind them of their pleasant trip to the place. Nearby is the Bang Rak fish and fruit market.

Do not make any excuses, the kids, work and stress all need to leave your mind. If you are unable to get a sitter for the kids, have a date night in your home and involve the kids. Let them be your waitress or waiter. When the meal is done, you excuse yourself to a room where you two can have alone time. You can watch a romantic movie or even a movie you know your spouse will enjoy, after the children go to bed, you can begin your adult time.