Sell Your Home 82% Faster With Feng Shui

What is an element? Elements are both literal and symbolic. In all of Chinese Metaphysics, which includes feng shui, Chinese Astrology, Chinese medicine, and martial arts, we have something called Five-Element Theory.

Jackie Notman is a copywriter, Feng shui online and e-commerce retailer. This article builds upon her E-book Diets Don’t Work – a step by step plan to make real changes in your life.

To make the room feel more formal, make sure each piece of furniture has an end or side table. To make the room feel less formal, use a large ottoman instead of a coffee table.

A daily planner. To plan is one time management activity; to schedule is another. For maximum self-management, use your daily planner to schedule sales calls and sales follow-ups. You know you are good at scheduling sales appointments, but life will be easier if a salesperson schedules when to prospect and when to follow-up.

Learn from the elements – Too much fire can lead to aggressive driving, too much earth energy can lead to sitting in the fast lane at 60mph, too much metal energy can lead to switching lanes and cutting in on people, too much wood energy can lead to multitasking – talking on the phone and driving.

Ask around for opinions and references before you go looking or deciding that the consultant you saw is the right one for you. They will never mind if they are true ‘Feng shuists’. Because they know that good luck comes to those who wait.

The funny thing was as soon as she received the final letter – she had a “yes that’s right – that’s who I am” feeling deep inside her. The next day her phone started to ring and she is now fully booked. Oh – she still hasn’t sent the letter out – she hasn’t had to!

What needs attention in your car? Sometimes we forget how lethal they can be – remember, they are ‘predatory tigers’ – anything you can do to make your journey more serene and safe, can only be good.