Six Ways To Improve Traffic

This article will allow you to choose from these 9 ways on how to get free visitors from Google and Facebook. Google is one of the top search engines around the globe whereas Facebook is one of the leading social network sites today. Put these two into good use and you’ll definitely get free traffic all you want. How?

SEO Keywords are so important that it can change the rank of the website for certain keyphrase. That’s why the webmaster give so much importance to keywords while designing a site or optimizing a site.

Now we can use a checker tool program to check the ranking of the sites showing on the first page of our search for “keyword research tips”.There are many such tools for checking page rank, just do a web search to find one. I used Fire Fox keyword rank checker tool for this example.

4/ Exactly where does your link reside. You will note some Keyword Rank Checker Tool sites carry more authority then others. YouTube is extremely important and carries a lot of weight with Google . You will notice often when you do a search on Google the top results are generally YouTube videos.

Search for dofollow blogs that were recently commented on. This considerably increases the chances of your blog comment being approved as some blogs are either no longer functioning or comments are closed on some old posts or the webmaster may not be inclined to accept new comments on these old posts.

If you have text links that direct people to your site, but will not lead potential customers to you, or use the keywords you want to show up on Google for, what good is the link?

We will start with the Meta Tags. I know you have already heard of, and are probably currently using meta tags on your site. This is great. I just want to make sure you are using them effectively. We will only go over 2 tags: the “title” tag, and the “description” tag. We will not go over the “keywords” tag, as the major search engines have placed less and less weight on this one, and some would argue this tag has no weight at all. I still use this tag however, as I feel there is some merit and no drawbacks to using this tag.

There are a bunch of great experts and great sites that can help you get better search results in Google and Yahoo. I could name ten off the top of my head. Just remember, in order to see what’s worth your money, scrutinize your expert, and investigate the promises of your favorite search tool.