The Driver’s Guide To Auto Repair Shop Shenanigans

If you seek for car repair, you would really be spending a lot of money. The new set of cars are made with amazing features that adds comfort to the drivers and passengers; however, they push people to avail more services leading them to pay the huge costs. Just imagine thousands of dollars to be spent for a xenon headlight repair. The more costly your car is the more costly is its repair.

I own a 2002 Toyota Highlander with 33,000 miles. A Toyota dealer told me that “it is recommended” that I have the serpentine belt changed. My mechanic friend looked at the car and told me not to worry about changing the belt. In your opinion, when is a good time (number of miles) to change the belt? Thanks.

There are so many DIY projects at the moment and that includes automotive radiators. If you have a car, it is a necessity to learn simple intercoolers technique. Safety issues are often implicated when doing automotive radiators and so you shouldn’t try it if you have laughable knowledge….

There’s nothing wrong with suggesting repairs and vehicle maintenance – provided the work is needed. The trouble comes when the work is being suggested because your particular shop is slow.

This knowledge will save you a lot of money and expensive car maintenance costs and wear and tear on your Ford Tempo, or the dream car you can’t get out of your head but know you will soon own.

“Sometimes we believe in fairy tales. If your reaction to the promises made in the preceding pages includes an “it’s too good to be true” Attitude…or anything like that… then I have probably already violated your beliefs. This is healthy and to be expected. New ideas should be subject to rigorous scrutiny. It lends them strength in the long run.

Too often, car repair customers are bamboozled into doing work immediately when it could be spread out over months, or even years. Of course, there are many cases where the work wasn’t necessary at all – except to profit the repair facility during the slow season.