The Jungle Cruise At Walt Disney World

Every parent wants to make their childs Christmas season spectacular. A time when they can reflect back on and wonder how their parents managed to pull it off. In order to achieve a magical Christmas, you must give the perfect gifts. This year there are a few gifts that are bound to dazzle.

A massive sound system accompanies giant monitors, and action is accented by a complete lighting system. So when not presenting a free fashion show, this venue can be used for concerts and special events as the runway is turned into a theater. This is another one of a kind experience.

Under the animatronic dinosaur suppliers management of Leisure Parcs,and the direction of bandleader Greg Francis the Blackpool Tower Big Band was reformed in after an absence of years. The New Squadronaires, The Memphis Belle Swing Orchestra and The Glenn Miller Tribute Orchestra also performed. Themed nights were also introduced along with the sixteen piece orchestra, with resident singers, including Robert Young, Tony Benedict, Lynn Kennedy, and Mark Porter.[citation needed] In 2005 the Empress Orchestra became resident in the ballroom alongside the specially created and smaller Empress Dance Band.

Also don’t miss the beautiful Asian-themed scenario showcasing peacocks and Asian decor and the touching angel sitting with a lion and lamb as the American flag hangs in the background.

The lines are long but move fairly quickly. It is best to go during parades, or use a FASTPASS, or go late in the day (many people say it’s even better after dark). Plan for at least 30 minutes of queuing at non-peak times, and an hour at peak times.

What’s really encouraging is that while other theme parks have been boarded up, ZooSafari and the new FasanoLandia seem to be more popular than ever before. The 2010 schedules includes a bunch of new cool attractions including animated remote control dinosaurs and a variety of live acts. Check out the website at

The Disney Chrome MP3 player is literally flying off shelves. At $40-$60, Disney’s Chrome MP3 player is sleek, stylish, and simple with room for about 100 songs. You can also buy a memory upgrade. It has earbuds and a USB connector as well as easy to understand software for easy loading.

As I said earlier in this article, these opinions are strictly my own. The winners might be quite different in your own personal compeition. But if you’ve never tried Universal on your Orlando getaways, maybe this will spark you to give it a go next time you’re in town. If you’re a local, maybe it will lead you to expand your horizons.