The Role Of The British Indian Army In The Abyssinian Expedition Of 1868

The Chambal ravines are a mountainous region of central India that borders the states of Madhya Pradesh and Utter Pradesh. For decades since the turn of the last century these ravines have been the hot bed of dacoit gangs called “Daku” in the local language. The dacoit menace is considerably reduced now but about 5 decades back one dacoit by the name of Man Singh ruled roost in these ravines. It must be noted that the very nature of these ravines give excellent cover to dacoit gangs.

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He protested against the number of fights and the violence caused between merchants and the police. He started the People’s Movement as he felt the atrocities that his people had to bear were not fair. As a pioneer of this movement and an activist he had to go through a rigorous 3 month sentence. In 2003 he again raised corruption charges against NCP leaders and started a fast unto death on 9th August 2003 which ended on 17th August after negotiations.

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The first battalion of the sikh troops was formed in the erstwhile British Indian Army in 1846 just before the annexation of the Punjab. from that time onwards the Sikhs became an integral part of the British Indian Army Rally. At one time the Sikhs formed as much as 33% of the strength of the Army during the days of the Raj.

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