The Trials And Tribulations Of A Network Marketing Noob

Now HEY! Here is something that we should definitely discuss… traffic. Now what is traffic and why does both the offline and online business owner need it? Well for many reasons alone people need traffic to their websites. And traffic is something that holds back the online business owner from succeeding when they do not know how to utilize it properly.

Get stuck in writing ruts. You’re nervous about writing anything which is new to you. You write for publications way below your skill level, because you lack the confidence to move out of your comfort zone.

Fairly obvious but it needs to be said. The first thing to do is to actually set up your blog and offer something free to the people you want to attract so they sign up. Make sure your signup box is in a prominent place on your personal blog (top right is the usual tradition) I also include an exit pop up so that when people leave my site a web page comes up encouraging them to sign up for my newsletter. That means if for some reason they didnt see the sign up box on my blog there is another chance to catch them on exit.

If your social media contact has taken the time to write a bio, and add links to their websites on their social profile pages, then maybe that is a sign that they want someone to look at it.

Most people fail when using social media because they are promoting their business online. This means that everyday they must post links to drive traffic to their website. Google doesn’t give any value to those replicated website as they are not optimized for Google.

There is one important thing you need to remember though when it comes to having a personal blog. You always have to give out top rate content. This means you always have to create and provide unique and fresh content that is easy for people to read and understand. Your content should be written primarily for your target audience and not for search engines.

So, if you have learnt the essentials and you own the essential skills, you have to create your own plan. If you are planning to create a website to make money on the internet, you have to work at least 2 hours a day on your website.

Even if you delete your cookies and email on your computer all the time the employer still can have a copy of it on the server and able to pull it up at anytime. They are able to remotely access your computer and you may never know. Supervisors and managers may be able to log into your work programs and see personal messages you may have sent to a co-worker even though they have been long deleted.