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It seems everyone is being affected by the downfall of the economy. Those who have lost their jobs, homes, and retirement need some help. Here are some green tips to help families and individuals save money.

Research the different companies in your area that fall within your industry. Find the person that is responsible for hiring and you know you need to target.

Donate it! Donate it to a non-non profit organizations in flint michigan, like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Certain items may be able to find special homes. Cell phones, for example, can be donated to organizations that give them to battered women.

He/she may suggest taking supplements to help your hydration. One reputable local charities eye doctor suggested to take 2000 – 3000 mg daily of Flax Seed Oil (the vegan friendly choice for Fish Oil). It will take a few weeks to feel the effects but the results are promising.

They will want to quit sometimes. While the parents may see opportunities down the road, kids are usually more short-sighted. By helping them write down the pros and cons if they quit, their decision may become clearer. Parents need to be prepared with any decision which is the last truth.

The German schuhplattling dance is done with slapping the body and the shoes in a fixed pattern in time to the music. This is a dance no other country can boast as their own. The patterns are intricate, and many a member of the public has wound up sitting on the stage when they give it a try. No matter; the German dancers aren’t offended- they’re impressed with the effort.

Take shorter showers. I know, I know, I love my long showers every morning too. Who are we kidding though? Do we really need to spend an extra five minutes just soaking in the extra couple gallons of water because we don’t want to go to school or work? Try washing you hair only 3-4 times a week and wash yourself quicker.

There are so many opportunities and possibilities for kids today. Entrepreneurialism is growing faster than ever and starting a business is much easier because of Internet, technology, and resources. However, no matter how much the biz kid has accomplished, at the end of the day, they are all still just kids. They can always start another business later on but they only have one childhood.