Waterless Car Washes: Top 10 Benefits Of Using Them

Whether your vehicle has a one-year, 12,000-mile warranty or a 100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, experts say it’s important to ensure that your car is properly maintained and all needed repairs are made before your warranty expires.

However the change in the sound is not the direct function of a cat-back exhaust. The change in the sound the car makes is more of a side effect. The function of a cat-back exhaust is to help exhaust gases from the engine exit faster. Why is that important? This is important because the sooner the gases leave the engine the sooner the air fuel mixture for the next engine cycle can enter the engine. If the exhaust gases are slow to leave they create what is called a back pressure. The fuel air mixture for the next engine cycle has to overcome this back pressure to enter the engine combustion cylinder. However if with the help of a cat-back exhaust the back pressure is reduced the air fuel mixture can rush in faster leading to an improved engine performance.

You need to register your car with CarMD online (up to three cars). That away you can upload data from the device to CarMD’s website (does not support Mac). By using, the “trouble code” retrieved from the car’s computer they will make suggested repairs. In addition, you can an idea of how much is will cost, if you know what it wrong.

You can also make the flow faster on the other side of the catalytic converter recycling with the help of a cat back exhaust. These have specially manufactured bends that help maintain a smooth flow through them and thus reduce the back pressure. Since the muffler is also a part of the cat back exhaust they are also able to sculpt the sound that your car makes and give it an upmarket signature sound.

This is especially important if you are one of the 10 percent of U.S. drivers with a “Check Engine” light on right now. The light can signify a problem that could cost more to repair than a whole month’s car payment. But dealing with the issue while your car is under warranty could mean your car manufacturer foots the bill, instead of you.

The quality of DEF is very important. Its quality is dependent upon the kind of DEF dispensing equipment used. There are certain factors that need to be considered while purchasing dispensing equipment. Some of these factors are market standing, price, functionality and durability.

Consider Extended Warranties In most cases, the newer your vehicle, the lower your extended warranty cost. If you didn’t purchase an extended warranty when you bought the car, don’t worry-you can still get one. Just remember: Not all warranties are created equal. Be sure to ask who administers the policy and if there are limitations. Also, check the fine print. Will the warranty cover the retail labor rate at your favorite dealership or local repair shop?

I am sure there will be copycats of CarMD in the near future, but they have set the bar. The only thing that would be better is if you could use it on older cars too. I do not know why you can’t, most 80’s cars have computers, and I had them plug in my ’86 Camaro at AutoZone.