21 Will Tips To Improve Your Estate Planning

If you are like me, you probably want your money to make their life easier in retirement. Especially since they most likely will NOT have a great retirement plan like you did.

We see the blessings and curses of Deut.28 fulfilled in the lives of the Jews as we read the Old Testament. They were blessed of God under the reign of David and Solomon when they kept the law of the Lord. They were cursed under the reign of the kings who set up idols and abandoned the house of the Lord.

The faith cult provided a setting for the blessings of Abraham through lust and not faith. This false faith message centers on teaching Christians about so called ‘spiritual insanitĂ© d’esprit succession‘ that help them ‘lay claim’ to these promises of health and wealth, thus making the spiritual seem natural, and the natural seem spiritual.

If you are coming to live permanently in Spain you need to think about transport. Residents of Spain are legally obliged to drive a Spanish registered car with a Spanish driving licence. Although you can import your car from the UK this can be expensive and a RHD car is not the best thing to have on Spanish roads, far better to sell your car in the UK and buy one in Spain. The Spanish licence is just a straight exchange for your UK licence, there is no test to take.

When talking about ‘Abraham’s Blessings’ the carnal minded Christian envisions material blessings. Faith in God is said to be the ability to live in the realm of health, wealth, and prosperity; these things are claimed to be our inheritance in Christ, the covenant benefits that God promises to all. This doctrine does not proceed forth from the Headship of Christ.

Of course, the state has even less right to your parents’ wealth then you do. For this reason alone inheritance is a good thing, no doubt about it. Without inheritance anything left behind by an industrious and successful hard workers would end up in the coffers of government. There it would quickly disappear, spent by corrupt politicians who clearly didn’t earn any of it, and who will never feel a shred of gratitude or humility upon receiving it. Politicians, with very few exceptions, have largely become among the most selfish, corrupt and greedy group of people in human history.

There are many financial implications associated with family law, including having to sell your home if your get divorced, inheritance tax, other assets and pensions. You’ll need to make sure that you get the advice you need so that you’re not out of pocket.