Does Your Church Have An Identity?

Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church, situated at 614 west Avenue in Cedartown, Ga., will be sponsoring “Olympics For Jesus” holiday bible School, beginning Tuesday, July 19th via Thursday, July 21st from five:30 – eight:00 pm nightly. Pastor James L. Rosser and the congregation invite you all to join them for holiday bible school. For rides or more information call Janet Sloan at 706-346-5321.

There has been enough written about the accusations and the denials; and the court information; but some have also created about how this damages Christianity and the church news.

The initial person we gave a newspaper to was a fellow sitting on a park bench. He seemed to be single, and if he had children at all, they were grown. If he was not a Christian or experienced any real spiritual inclinations than much of the paper would not attraction to him. I noticed him glance at the headlines and then place the paper aside. However, that lasted for about fifty percent a moment. He then snatched it up, opened it up, and evidently started to study.

As I stated prior to sure, I grew up in the church. But as we all know some of the most devilish people are in the Latest Black Church News! Satan himself was in the choir! No Offense Choir associates, But he was!! I chose to hang out in the streets with people who didn’t have objectives or dreams. I then allowed this atmosphere to be a distraction from turning into the guy God needed me to be. Being in this type of environment caused me to be blinded to my complete possible of God’s calling for me, my path at that time was dictated by the choices that I produced.

The other individual is Paul the apostle. In Functions nine, Paul (then Saul) sought for news about church authorization to persecute the Christians (vv. 1, 2), a service he thought he was performing for the Lord. Till, he encountered Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, Paul did not know that he was persecuting Jesus Christ (v. five).

Get the e-mail deal with for the correct editor, and deliver it there. You can also CC it to a general news address as a backup if you want to be extra safe. Most newspapers have a common deal with for news – just check within the paper or contact and discover out what it is.

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