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There are several different kinds of roofing membranes available on the market. If you have a flat roof to lay choosing the correct membrane is very important. When you make a good choice, you end up on the roof that will last for decades. If on the other hand you make a bad choice, you can end up with the roof leaks within weeks of being installed.

The simplest and cheapest is to install a strainer, resembling a light bulb in shape, into the downspout opening. This will catch any debris that is washed to the opening and can be easily removed and cleaned. I have found that this is good for an area that doesn’t have too many trees.

Your roof should also be vented properly to allow for hot air to escape. By having a ridge vent installed you have a good chance of not having an ice dam build up again. The theory is that hot air escapes from your home into the attic. Since hot air rises it will flow out of the ridge vent, the highest point on your roof. It pulls the cold air from the soffit and keeps the attic cool enough to prevent an ice dam. It does cost a lot of money to install a ridge vent. Many times, this is done during a re-thi công mái tôn of the shingles. If you have a gable end on your home, you can install a gable vent at a much cheaper price. These work almost as well as a ridge vent.

When a company is picked based on their long standing past work, you will have a better chance of having your warranty work applied if ever needed. Some companies start up their construction of roof service and are only around for a few years. That could mean trouble for anyone who has issues with their roofs in the future.

Then there are the gutter guards that snap into the top of the gutters. These are made of thin plastic which gives them a short life span. They do keep debris out of the gutters but must be checked to make sure that they have stayed in place and have not broken.

It is important to understand that roofs do not wear uniformly because certain areas may be affected more severely than others due to trees, hills, and other buildings. Look closely at how your roof is being impacted by the elements. Repairing the worn areas is the key to a long roof life.

Before going ahead and invest your money on a new roof or roof replacement, do a little bit of research in terms roof type and roof company. Find out the types and designs of roofing, its cost, pros, cons, even color to get the best deal and quality for you new roof.