One Of Key Innovation Motivational Speakers Puts Forward A Set Of Criteria For Evaluation

Success, achieving success, personal success, professional success, overcome procrastination,millionaires, proven strategies for success, goals, action plansAfter attending a seminar in Las Vegas this past weekend on achieving personal and professional success, I walked away with a plethora of time-tested tools that can be applied immediately. Many of the presenters were “self-made” millionaires, as I’m not talking about someone who inherited it or married into it.These individuals, through grit, determination and calculated risk did it on their own. Here are seven proven strategies guaranteed to dramatically improve your happiness, and help you in achieving success in any area of your life, if you apply them.

Always ask for references. A professional event planner will be happy to provide you with the names of other clients that you can contact. Just as importantly, they can provide a list of vendors with whom they’ve worked and have relationships. As in any other business, successful event planning is based on who you know as much as it is on what you know. An expert corporate event planner will have worked extensively with vendors and services in your area. They’ll know which companies are reliable and which to avoid.

It seems that everyone that has read Dare to Dream and Work to Win has found success in their business life and personal life that they did not have before. Many people have proclaimed Dare to Dream and Work to Win to be the one book that has changed their life. He points out that there is no get rich scheme that you have to have consistency, duplication and enough time to make your business a success. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but the right system and the right work ethic and the right mindset it will happen.

Although, not a keynote speaker, Sarah attracted attention. She was scheduled as a sales speakers, but her inability to commit to the event caused the organizers to pick others.

After much on again, off again, no I am not coming, well maybe, golly, maybe I should, do I have the time, well, let’s go anyway, Gov. Sarah Palin graced corporate keynote speaker the Republican D.C. Senate fundraiser with her presence.

What is the occasion? Does the event itself suggest a topic or guide your remarks? Or, were you given a topic? Consider this, as well as what you want to talk about and what you have the expertise to address. Is there controversy surrounding the issue? Is there a problem to which you can offer a solution? Could you clarify a topic that may be cloaked in secrecy or that is misunderstood? All these elements should be pondered as you plan the presentation.

Conducting this type of business self analysis can be challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective when you are looking at yourself and your job performance. Not sure where to start? Call me. Let me help you create the plan that gets you the best results in the most reasonable timeframe. Like I said before, “leaders know that their primary role is to get things done” – starting with themselves!