Online Currency Trading – Top 10 Novice Trading Mistakes

Forex trading is not rocket science. It is simply taking advantage of the fluctuating nature of the currencies to make profit. If you know how to do this, you can make millions. If not, you can still make millions, but in debt!

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In fact, the idea of backing money with a commodity is absurd to begin with, not just if the number of notes can increase on a whim. For example, the idea of backing Crypto price prediction with crude oil is talked about; imagine one of the most volatile commodities being used to ‘back’ money?! The value of the backing will vary with extreme volatility, and the value of the money with it.

Think how absurd it would be to make a currency redeemable in crude oil; go to your friendly bank to redeem your notes and walk away with a couple of barrels of crude? I don’t think so. Same with the Assignat; if thousands of hectares of confiscated land are used to ‘back’ millions of paper notes, will the holder of the paper note walk up to a bank and walk away with a title deed for 1/1000 of a hectare of land? Bah.

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Perhaps there are some other things to consider; anyway the bottom-line here is no need to be hustled. The market is always there and still waits for you.