Quick Ways To Make Revenue With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Without A Product To Sell?

This is one way to do it. Start with keyword research. Market samurai is perfect for this, but you can use the free keyword tools that Google offer online. Find a keyword phrase in quotes “” that has under 50,000 competing pages and at least 80 searches a day. Find 3 related keywords that you will use as categories and tags. Register and host the domain. GoDaddy are great for domain registration and HostGator are fantastic for website hosting.

As you would have heard from the Internet Marketing Guru’s that you need your own domain name and web hosting to make any serious money on the net. Of course you can start as an affiliate marketer without these initial costs but it will not make you any serious money. Yes you can start without these initial costs and once you have made some money reinvest those earnings in domain name and webhosting.

Build up a mailing list and send an e-mail to that list every time you make a new post. Also, stay away from AdSense. AdSense is for people too lazy to build a list and make a product. Believe me, that was me too at one point.

Create an obvious page, that can be called Follow Us, Read More or something fairly obvious to indicate that it is the page to go to in order to find out more about what you are writing. Give on this links to your RSS feed, plus a comment on the advantages on using RSS Feeds. Sell it to your readers, if they have got to this page rather than using your RSS icon, then they probably need help.

see my interests are a great way to also get started in affiliate marketing if you don’t have much money to spend. Even if you have no money at all, you can get set up almost instantly. But if you want to create a blog so that you can promote various niche related affiliate products for a commission, what’s the best way to get content?

Purchase online blogs links from popular thematic websites. Getting quality one-way links for free takes time. What if you don’t want to wait for ages before you start making sales? Just like everything else that has value, links can be sold or purchased.

In simple words, Article is nothing more than your thoughts. People writing Articles, knows about the topic and then just write their thoughts on a piece of paper or on a notepad and make that an Article. So, whatever is their in your mind regarding the subject, write that on a piece of paper.

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